Solar System Bracelet


Bracelet made with beading wire and various materials: Sun (Ceramic), Mercury (Quartzite), Venus (Rhyolite), Earth and Moon (Sodalite and Cat’s Eye), Mars (Glass), Asteroid Belt (Volcanic) Jupiter (Tiger’s Eye), Saturn (Quartzite and Shell Ring), Uranus (Shell), Neptune (Shell), Pluto (Jasper). 8". Tax included. Shipping will be made within 3-5 business days.

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Yvette and Arturo have Master's in Geological Sciences from UTEP. They enjoy collecting minerals and promoting awareness of the science field, therefore, this hobby evolved into a small business! They conducted a rocks and minerals fundraiser in the Spring of 2016 to attend a scientific conference in Japan. Since then, friends began requesting more minerals and simple jewelry works, thus, GeoGenius was born!


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